ViviFi Planning

Our Core Offerings

Our approach to delivering financial planning is specifically designed to fit into clients’ busy lives. We serve clients across the country from our base in beautiful Bend, Oregon. Technology allows young professional families to meet with us where they are, using the communication tools that work best for them. This process makes financial planning more accessible, more convenient, and more enjoyable.

Quick Start project


The quick start project is perfect for those looking to address specific financial topics, such as debt management, employee benefits, or college funding. This service is ideal for those with one or two financial concerns at the forefront of their minds, but aren’t quite ready yet to delve into a complete financial review.

Clients of the quick start project receive an introductory phone call to discuss the topics to be covered. We will request any essential information to perform our analysis. Once the information is gathered and reviewed, we schedule a meeting to discuss specific recommendations. We also include a 90-day follow-up meeting to answer any questions related to implementing our guidance.

The cost of this service depends on the complexity of the selected areas and starts at $500. Pricing is determined in advance as a prearranged flat fee.

One-Time Plan


The one-time plan provides a full financial review and allows the client to implement recommendations themselves. This option is ideal for do-it-yourselfers looking to ensure they are on the right track with a thorough professional review.

The process begins by gathering key information, such as account statements, financial information, and discussing your personal goals and concerns. We then review all the major areas of financial planning. Clients are provided with specific, actionable guidance unique to their circumstances and goals via a web or in-person meeting. A follow-up meeting is offered 90 days after presenting our guidance to answer questions related to implementing recommendations.

Pricing for one-time plans depends on the complexity of the client’s financial situation and starts at $2,500.

Ongoing Planning

Ongoing planning provides full-service comprehensive financial planning and regular access to a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ that is uniquely familiar with your circumstances and goals. The process begins with a review of all key areas of financial planning. The major components are broken into stages and tackled over time according to your highest concerns. This approach causes each topic to feel manageable and deliberate and addresses your biggest worries first.

We work with you to implement our recommendations as they are made, ensuring that words become action. Since the best advice means very little without follow-through, a key benefit of the ongoing service is collaboration and accountability to get things done. When action is paired with access to customized and on-demand financial advice, clients experience unparalleled confidence that their money is working for them.

Pricing for ongoing planning is based on complexity and starts at $200 per month.

ViviFi Portfolios


Ongoing planning clients gain access to ViviFi portfolios. ViviFi portfolios are investment solutions customized to the client’s unique financial plan. Our portfolios are driven by Nobel-Prize winning research, not hunches, stock picking, or reading Wall Street tea leaves. We use low cost and tax-efficient ETFs and mutual funds to achieve global diversification across sectors, company sizes, and geography.

On clients’ behalf, we manage Traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, brokerage accounts, employer retirement plans (such as 401(k), 403(b), SEP IRA, SIMPLE, 457, and 401a accounts), and deferred compensation plans. Clients also receive guidance on employee stock purchase plans (“ESPPs”), company stock options, and restricted stock units. Because company stock is often a significant percentage of clients’ investments, we specialize in company stock planning and integrating stock into client investment portfolios.

ViviFi Portfolios pricing is based on assets managed.

Examples of frequently discussed planning topics are:

  • Optimizing employee benefits and compensation

  • Cash flow analysis

  • Student loan and debt reduction

  • Large purchase planning

  • Establishing a path to retirement

  • Balancing lifestyle today with saving for the future

  • Charitable / philanthropic giving

  • Managing an inheritance

  • Portfolio construction and investment management

  • Setting and prioritizing financial goals

  • Creating savings strategies

  • Funding children’s college

  • Handling company stock, stock options, and stock as compensation

  • Rental real estate investments

  • Business planning

  • Insurance reviews