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Access to unbiased, fee-only financial planning has long been reserved solely for those with millions of dollars to invest. No more. ViviFi was created to help young professional families make confident decisions with money. The firm exists to empower our clients by using their financial resources toward their highest values. We believe that finances should serve clients’ lives, not the other way around. This is the heart of the ViviFi mantra “bringing finance to life.”

who we are


Andy Mardock, MBA, CFP®

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Founder and President

Andy is the founder and president of ViviFi. He was inspired to create the firm to bring exceptional financial advice to young professional families that, without multi-million dollar portfolios to invest, have long been ignored by the financial industry. Over years of listening to financial stories and experiences, Andy heard the phrase “I wish I would have known” too many times. ViviFi was born out of a desire to help peers avoid ever experiencing this regret. Clients working with Andy feel confident about their money decisions and where their financial lives are headed. This impact is far more than a job or a career to Andy; it’s a mission.

Andy is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner, a regional board member of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA), which is the country’s leading professional organization of fee-only financial planners, and has been practicing financial planning for nearly 10 years. He obtained his Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in Financial Planning from California Lutheran University in 2010 and holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Oregon.

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Jessica R. D. Mardock, M.S.

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Director of Operations

Jessica is the Director of Operations at ViviFi Planning. Understanding that money is often a stressful and challenging aspect of life, Jessica thrives on ViviFi’s mission to empower lives by helping clients make smart financial decisions. Master of processes, systems, and making things work, Jessica focuses on the firm’s technology, working with providers, and administration.

She earned a Master of Science from the University of Cincinnati and a Bachelor of Arts from Franklin College in Indiana. Jessica is a dedicated steward of the environment and can often be found educating her daughter on the finer points of gardening, baking/cooking, skiing, and finding the best tree to hug while recharging in nature.


A Team in business and Family

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A team in both business and family, Andy and Jessica have been married for six years. A young professional family themselves, Andy and Jessica can relate to the ups and downs as well as triumphs and challenges that modern families experience today. In working with Andy and Jessica, clients benefit from talking with someone who ‘gets it’ because they’re living it. When not helping clients to bring their finances to life, Andy and Jessica can be found cherishing their newborn daughter and chasing outdoor adventures on hiking, biking, and skiing trails.